Original director of “Doctor Strange 2” sues Marvel

In the original script

“Doctor Strange 2” is not the so-called “Wanda’s Search for a Family”. The entire story will revolve around the doctor’s own psychological trauma. The villain is not the so-called blackened Scarlet Witch, but the Nightmare Lord, and Wanda will also appear. , but it’s just a cameo, and he’s also the Doctor’s comrade-in-arms.

However, as creative conflicts arose between the German director and Marvel, the German director was unwilling to compromise and finally had to announce his withdrawal. After that, Marvel invited Sam Raimi to take over the film.

At that time, many fans expressed doubts about the director’s withdrawal and the so-called original script of “Doctor Strange 2”. However, recently in an interview, the director personally talked about this time and finally revealed the reason why he quit “Doctor Strange 2” that year. the truth.

Doctor Strange 2

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In an interview with The Discourse

Director De made it clear that he left the crew due to the creative confrontation with Marvel during the development stage of “Strange 2”. He said:

“All I can say is that what I’m saying right now is the truth. Marvel and I do have creative differences. You know, the movies I want to make and the things Marvel want me to make are completely different, and we Pull, I thought what they were asking me to do was really bad and that’s why I had to fight back, I thought it wasn’t going to be a personal movie for the character at all and to do it the way they said it would, you’d end up with a monster.”

And the moral director also said

His initial concept of “Strange 2” was a real horror movie: “Yes, I have seen discussions about it on the Internet. It will indeed be a real horror movie. I have put a lot of effort into it, It’s just a pity that it doesn’t make sense now.”

When asked what he thought of his successor Sam Raimi’s “Strange 2” and whether he had fallen out with Kevin Feige, the German director was very calm. He said: “I went to the premiere, and Kevin is still a friend, and I won’t deny the great times I had with Marvel. Creative differences are normal in this industry, and Sam and I are friends, and I love Sam, so this isn’t going to ruin our relationship. .”

It is not uncommon for many movie series to change directors before and after. However, the recent remarks of Scott Derrickson, the director of Marvel’s “Doctor Strange 1”, have once again exposed the reasons behind Marvel’s “change of directors”.

Doctor Strange 2

The director of Marvel’s “Doctor Strange 1” was Scott Derrickson, but for the previous “Doctor Strange 2: In the Multiverse of Madness”, the director was changed to Sam Raimi.

The official reason given by Marvel for changing the director was “the creative differences between the two parties in the script”. At that time, they chose to “break up” peacefully. Marvel later chose Sam Raimi to take over. Comparing the two works , in fact, from the perspective of fans, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Compared with the first “Doctor Strange”, “Strange 2” directed by Sam Raimi is not as good as the first one in terms of reputation, but it has achieved good results at the box office of the movie.

Movie rating/box office reference:

“Doctor Strange 2” has a Rotten Tomatoes freshness score of 73%, and “Doctor Strange 1” has a Rotten Tomatoes freshness score of 89%;
The popcorn index of “Doctor Strange 2” is 85%, and the popcorn index of “Doctor Strange 1” is 86%;
“Doctor Strange 2” has an IMDb score of 6.9, and “Doctor Strange 1” has an IMDb score of 7.5;
“Doctor Strange 2” has an MTC score of 60, and “Doctor Strange 1” has an MTC score of 72;
“Doctor Strange 2” has a global box office of US$955 million, and “Doctor Strange 2” has a global box office of US$678 million.

Doctor Strange


There are many fan bases who like these two movies. Recently, director Scott Derrickson unexpectedly revealed the “real reason” for his withdrawal in an interview:

“All I can say is that what we said publicly was the truth, that we had real creative differences and, you know, the movies I made and the movies I wanted to make were different – it was just more and more obvious that we were working against each other. .”

To put it bluntly, the film creation rights are restricted by Marvel.

Marvel’s intervention prevented him from acting according to his own ideas, and he could only shoot in the direction given by Marvel. The “creative differences” given in the early stage now seem more like giving Marvel face.

“That’s how you make a really bad movie,” Scott Derrickson added, explaining why he “had to quit”:

Although the director is now very soft-spoken about the reason for withdrawing from “Strange 2”, earlier, in an interview, he said this: “I will not make Doctor Strange because it is a comic book.” Weird movies, I particularly like Doctor Strange comics, I want to show the character’s personal charm, I am not suitable for shooting a series of comic book movies.”

C. Robert Cargill, co-screenwriter of “Doctor Strange”, previously said on CinemaBlend: “Scott Derrickson wanted to make a purely personal movie, but Marvel wanted to make another movie.”

Maybe my obsession is too deep

Even after so many years, I still feel sorry for the German-directed version of the script of “Strange 2”, and at the same time, I don’t like Sam Raimi’s “Strange 2” at all…

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